Electric scooters - This is how solid rubber and pneumatic tires differ when flattened

E-scooters are equipped with either pneumatic tires or solid rubber tires. Pneumatic tires are also known as balloon tires, they are similar to classic bicycle tires. A pneumatic tire must be pumped up, you should check the correct air pressure at regular intervals. If the air pressure has to be topped up, you will notice this in terms of driving comfort, because the suspension then seems to give way a little.

E-scooters with pneumatic tires compensate for bumps on the road better than solid rubber tires. They offer greater driving comfort, shocks are absorbed more easily and are not transmitted so strongly to the wrists and arms. However, balloon tires must be checked regularly. The air pressure should be checked; if it is too low, the tire must be pumped up. In addition, shards, nails or other sharp objects on the road easily puncture the hose. Then all that remains is a replacement or at least a repair of the tire.

Solid rubber tires are the common tires on most e-scooters. They are maintenance-free, a puncture in the tire with a subsequent loss of pleasure is not possible with solid rubber tires. These tires only wear out with frequent use and should then be replaced. With a good suspension, the driving comfort is quite acceptable with solid rubber tires. However, you have to reckon with the fact that bumps in the road surface are not absorbed as easily with a solid rubber tire as with a pneumatic tyre. Therefore, light impacts may affect the arms more.

Whether you prefer pneumatic or solid rubber tires is ultimately a question of personal taste. With regard to the e-scooter road approval , there are no differences here.

Bigger tires offer more comfort

E-scooter tires also vary in size. As a rule, the electric scooters are equipped with tires between eight and ten inches in size. The size of the tire plays a special role because it is decisive for driving comfort. As a guide, tires with a larger diameter are better able to compensate for obstacles and bumps in the road or poor surface than small tyres.

With a large tire you usually have a better driving experience. Small tires are a bit harder to move over rocks or sticks and are more likely to cause a rider to fall at high speed. If you often drive on cobblestones or forest paths, you should pay particular attention to the driving characteristics when selecting the tyre.

If you use your e-scooter on level terrain, such as on well-developed bike paths or for a short trip from the bus stop to the office in the city, a solid rubber tire may be sufficient. It is best to choose your e-scooter with the right tires when you buy it in order to counteract a loss of driving comfort right from the start.

Electric scooters with pneumatic tires: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of e-scooters with pneumatic tires is that they are more comfortable to drive. They absorb bumps in the road surface better and don't pass them on to the driver as much. You drive more comfortably on an e-scooter with pneumatic tires. Extra wide tires feel safer and more comfortable on bad ground.

The benefits of pneumatic tires become clearer when you think of riding a bicycle. Especially off-road, many cyclists prefer slightly wider tires because they offer better grip on the ground. In this way, falls can be avoided, which can occur more easily, especially at higher speeds.

The disadvantage of a pneumatic tire is that it needs to be checked from time to time. On the one hand, you should check the air pressure at regular intervals. If the tire is under-inflated, this affects driving comfort. The tire then seems to spring more, it feels a little softer and gives a little.

The correct air pressure is therefore important for your driving comfort, and the tire wears out faster if it is not sufficiently inflated. The higher wear means that you have to change your tires earlier if you use them regularly and frequently. In addition, shards or nails on the road can damage the tire. If the tire has a hole, it loses air. Depending on the size of the hole, there is a risk of a flat tire within a short time. In this case, only a repair or a complete replacement of the tires will help.

This is how you find the optimal air pressure

The correct air pressure plays a major role in your driving comfort and safety. Unfortunately, the optimal pressure is not the same for all e-scooters. It differs from model to model, and the size of the tire also plays a role in air pressure. Some manufacturers print the air pressure on the tire to give you a guide to the optimal gauge.

If this is not the case, it is best to check in practice which tire pressure you are comfortable driving with. You can recognize the right pressure when driving by a comfortable suspension and a secure grip on the road surface. If in doubt, choose a slightly higher pressure to improve your driving comfort. With a little practice, you will quickly find out how much you should inflate the tires to move your e-scooter safely and comfortably on the road.

In addition to the right tyres, what other criteria do you need to consider for an e-scooter?

For which models do we offer a tire exchange in the event of a flat tire or a crack?

The most popular brands are Xiaomi (Mi), eFlux, Segway , Hi-Shock, Egret , Wizzard, Bluewheel , Moovi, Lamtwheel, Kugoo

Models from iconBIT such as the TT v2 scooter (SD-1818K) and street legal Kick Scooter City (IK-1969K), Kick Scooter DELTA PRO (IK-1971K) and Kick Scooter Tracer Street (IK-1972K) or the City Blitz MOOVE (CB064) or Slimline (CB049) are also becoming increasingly popular on our streets and are in good hands and can be repaired quickly in workshops.

It is best to ask your repair service whether they can repair your e-scooter before placing an order. Here it is possible that the workshop does not have any spare parts in stock for some manufacturers or models and would have to order them first.


  • Xiaomi 1S Pro 2 Mi 3 Pro 4

  • Seqway Ninebot G30D 2nd generation

  • Seqway Ninebot E Series

  • Seqway Ninebot F Series

  • Soflow S01 S02 03 04 06 2nd generation

  • Denver

  • BlueWheel

  • DocGreen

  • iO Hawk Legend

  • iO Hawk Exit Cross

If yours is not included, just ask.

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