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Xiaomi M365 1S Pro 2 Bell

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Bell for the Xiaomi e-scooter

Xiaomi e-scooter bell - can also be mounted on other models of e-scooters or traditional e-scooters, as well as on bicycles. Compatible with M365, PRO, PRO2, 1S, Essential E Scooter.


With the brand new bell for the Xiaomi e-scooter you are safe when driving! A clear and loud sound that characterizes the bell we offer allows you to warn pedestrians, cyclists and other e-scooter riders in time that you are approaching them.

The bell for the Xiaomi is made of high-quality metal and features high rust resistance. Its special handle makes it easier to carry the electric scooter. The bell also hooks onto the rear fender hook when folding, making the process much easier.

Install our bell on your Xiaomi so you can move safely between people!

Fits - XIAOMI: M365, PRO, PRO2, 1S, Essential