Xiaomi M365 1S Hinterradaufhängung Rear Shock Absorption - 3PScooters Elektro Scooter Zubehör - Ersatzteile - Reparatur
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Xiaomi M365 Rear Suspension Rear Shock Absorption

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Xiaomi M365 Rear Suspension Rear Shock Absorption


Xiaomi M365 Rear Suspension Rear Shock Absorption Mudguard


type (optional) T ype A : compatible with M365 , 1S

Type B: compatible with PRO, PRO2

material Steel
colour B deficiency
screw size Type 1: 80 mm / 3.1 inch Type 1: 92 mm / 3.6 inch
pack size 350 * 150 * 120mm / 13.8 * 5.9 * 4.7in
package weight 1600g / 3.5lb


Compatible with M365 and PRO1, PRO2, 1S electric scooters.
Made of high quality material, long service life.
It greatly improves the shortcomings of the scooter itself and greatly improves the riding comfort of the electric scooter.
Effectively reduce shock.
Installation simple and easy to use.

Delivery content:

1 x rear shock absorber

1 x Extend Brake Cable

1 x Extend Brake Cable Outer Tube (You can use the extension outer tube directly without replacing the original brake cable)

1 x set of installation tools

2 x Rear Fender Extension Screw

3 x Rear Wheel Bolts

4 x reflective strips

Weitere Informationen
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

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